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Genesis Curriculum

Bible-inspired language arts, science, social studies, math

preschool-kindergarten-reading-Biblical languages

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Alexa Young, CA

It's open and go, easily adaptable to all ages, and quite interesting. It even holds my high energy, 6 year old boy's attention! It's easy to have a short day when needed or a longer one when they desire to dig deeper.

Morgan James, NY

We really love this curriculum. It is so easy to use and my kids get really engaged and I enjoy our discussions. I like how it encourages them to think for themselves. 

I love love love this curriculum! Mind for Math is excellent as well. It helped my son tremendously and gave him a boost of confidence.

Lisa Driver, MI

We are loving the Genesis Curriculum. Our home life has relaxed, we have all come closer to God and with each other. I am amazed at how much my kids are retaining with so little to do. We used to spend ours in a day to do and finish lessons and because they were so brain fatigued, they only retained half the day. And we took several 5-10 breaks every 25-30 minutes. I felt like we were in junior high at home with 7-8 different periods to attend. BUT NOW, we spend 2 1/2 hours, that don’t have to be broken up because it’s entertaining. I mean we get water or snacks, potty breaks but it’s still 2 1/2 hours!!! And they retain it all, and it’s more content being covered than our 8hr days!!!!!! I even feel smarter when we’re done!! Love this. There are a few days we maybe spent 4 hrs but 2hrs was playing around with experiments or projects. So this is a win! we have also been using A Mind for Math alongside Easy Peasy Math but that’s because I’m no math wiz. I need actual problems to help teach but the boys love A Mind for Math because to them there are no rules. They can solve the problems whichever way they want to as long as they get the answer right. It really causes them to think. Easy Peasy math helps me show them the different ways to solve a problem.

Bravo Lee Giles you are an excellent teacher! Thank you so much for helping us learn and teach our children! A knowledge without God is useless! The proof is in the pudding!


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