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Written specifically for elementary and middle school students, this is a ready-to-go curriculum for the whole family to use together. The main curriculum includes science, social studies, language arts, and Biblical languages.

Written specifically to cover first through fourth grade math, A Mind for Math is also made to be used together. You read from the teacher book, and each child has a leveled workbook with 180 days' worth of exercises.

GC Steps is three years of preschool and kindergarten designed for three to six year olds. The first year is learning the alphabet and phonetic sounds. The second year is sight reading and learning to count to twenty. The third year is phonics with addition and subtraction and other basic math concepts.

These are leveled, ordered, classic literature. Each book contains a unique dictionary with the words underlined in the text.

This the the main curriculum book made for first and second graders when there are no older siblings to tag along with. There are two years available, Genesis and Exodus.

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