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Genesis Curriculum Rainbow Readers present quality literature prepared with GC kids in mind. 

What makes these read-on-your-own books different than ones you’ll find elsewhere?

  • modern American spelling (eg. to-day/today, colour/color, practise/practice )

  • a dictionary with vocabulary from the book

  • dictionary words underlined in the text

  • occasional helps with explanations or pictures

  • light editing for content (in some books)

  • reading tips

These are sold individually on Amazon.

The books are size 6 x 9 inches and all use size 12 font. While some have pictures included, they are not illustrated editions. You can take a look inside one of the books on Amazon.  In the video I discuss how the readers are designed and how they compare to Easy Peasy's readers.

Here is a reading placement guide. This is just a guide, a suggestion for the level you might choose for your child.

The Orange Series (EP Second Level Books)

Volume 1: The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad

Volume 2: Poems and Stories

Volume 3: The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

Volume 4: Fifty Famous Stories Retold

Volume 5: The Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge

The Yellow Series (EP Third Level Books)

Volume 1: Poems and Stories

Volume 2: Heidi

Volume 3: The Bears of Blue River

Volume 4: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

The Green Series (EP Fourth Level Books)

Volume 1: The Peterkin Papers and Other Stories

Volume 2: The Swiss Family Robinson

Volume 3: The Railway Children

Volume 4: A Little Princess

The Blue Series (EP Fifth Level Books)

Volume 1: Stories and Poems

Volume 2: The Story of the Treasure Seekers

Volume 3: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Volume 4: Little Men

Volume 5: Pollyanna

The Indigo Series (EP Sixth Level Books)

Volume 1: Poems and Stories

Volume 2: The Jungle Book (selections)

Volume 3: Gulliver's Travels (abridged)

This series only has part of the reading in EP Level 6.

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