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A Mind for Math is written to cover first through fourth grade material. It's made to be used all together.

A Mind for Math is the parent book, the lessons and answers. You will read the lessons to your children, just like the main curriculum. Every student will have a leveled workbook, but every student does every level up to and including their own. That means D level students have A, B, and C level problems in their workbook. This builds confidence as they are successful at the easier problems making them ready to tackle their own.

This curriculum changed the mindset of my son who previously hated math because he thought he couldn't do it. He now not only does math without a fight; he's even eager sometimes to do math!

The videos are from the Matthew books. The course descriptions are from Exodus. However, each year is very similar to the others in what is covered in each level. 

Lessons go through 140 days and the student workbooks go through 180 days. The end of the year has individual worksheets for review and mastery.

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

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