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The Book of Exodus Workbook




Day 62

Day 99


Day 62

Day 99

A Mind for Math

Day 76  Gallon-Quart-Pint-Cup

Day 107  Coins

Helpful Links


Spelling City

You can use this for practice or for a spelling test. The spelling test is free as are some spelling activities. They don't have free vocabulary tests and activities, but vocabulary is only a handful of words. It's all in order by Day number; Day 5 has all of the words listed for review on Day 5 in the curriculum. 


Tracing and copywork - Hebrew4Christians

Alphabet chart - identifying and writing letters


Listen to the alphabet or a single letter.


Listen to Psalm 23 spoken, canted.


Capitalization/Punctuation Rules for editing


Paragraphs  (Hamburger Paragraphs)  (Example)


Five-Pargraph Essays




Research Reports




Newspaper Template (how-towriting tips)

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