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583 pages, Black and White

This is your lesson book. You just need one for the teacher. It has 145 to 180 days of prepared lessons for you, depending on how you run your school year. Also included is a how-to-use guide, a materials list, editing checklists, basic instruction for writing paragraphs and essays (find extra help on our Online Support page). 


213 pages, Black and White, priced to not be cheaper to print - I want to make this easy on you! You'll need one per child. This is recommended for about third grade and up. 

This contains the weekly Writing Sentences worksheets, review activities for spelling, grammar, vocabulary, science and social studies, and more than 50 Hebrew Writing pages.

The whole workbook is available for printing from our site if you have younger kids using the Tracing and Copywork books who want to do certain older activities. Also, there are some activities that require cutting out (noted on the Materials List) and maybe you'd prefer printing those pages rather than cutting your workbook. You do need at least one workbook for your family. The lessons will send you to the workbook, and if you only have younger children, you could do those activities together orally.


39 pages, Black and White

This has the answers to every workbook activity. You just need one for your family.


45 pages, Full Color

Matched to the Book of Genesis science and social lessons

You only need one for your family.​

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